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Tampa Bay Storm Team Up with Silly Bandz for Unique Promotional Giveaway

Kids to Receive Special Edition Football Silly Bandz at July 24 Home Game
TAMPA BAY – The Tampa Bay Storm and Silly Bandz have partnered together to provide kids with a unique opportunity to receive special edition Football Silly Bandz prior to kickoff as the Storm battle the Alabama Vipers on July 24 at 7:30 p.m.
Through an announcement on the official Silly Bandz Facebook page last week, the company announced it would provide the first 1,500 kids in attendance at the game with a complimentary 12-pack of limited edition Football Silly Bandz, courtesy of the Tampa Bay Lightning.
To date, the company had yet to reveal an assortment of Football Silly Bandz, rendering the bracelets custom-designed exclusively for the Tampa Bay Storm as a rare series of the popular collector’s item, as well as the first and only of its kind. The subsequent release of the Silly Bandz thus marks the Tampa Bay Storm as the first professional football team to distribute the uniquely-themed set of bracelets.
Silly Bandz were first introduced on the Internet in November 2008 before gaining popularity in Birmingham, Alabama toy stores in the fall of 2009. The product quickly consumed a large portion of the market segment as it moved up the East coast of the United States, reaching New Jersey, Long Island, and Staten Island in November of that same year. As of April 2010, Silly Bandz had been distributed to 8,000 stores across the nation and peaked seven spots on’s recent list of best-selling toys and games.

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